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LOVEisLOVE Miami October 14, 2023
Normandy Fountain
Miami Beach

Upcoming Event

LOVEisLOVE MIAMI is a one-day community arts and culture FESTIVAL which is open to the public free of charge.  The day features local DJs, musicians, dancers and filmmakers, and culminates with renowned singers as headliners (such as Les Nubians, YaHzarah etc.) Attendees enjoy local artist painting live as well as local food, drink and craft vendors.

LOVEisLOVE is a day of celebration through the stimulation of all, art, dance, food and film, while honoring the local talnet and providing them with an opportunity to perform side by side with acclaimed artists.











Watch Promo Video 2022

Watch Promo Video 2023

Watch Promo Video 2022

Watch Promo Video 2022

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